Where have I been?

Holy crap it’s been a long time since I have updated my blog!  I’m so sorry for my absence.  It’s been crazy busy with all the end of the year events for my daughters school and honestly I haven’t had time to even think about writing.  But don’t worry.  I have MADE myself have time to think about it.  I actually have a couple of new ideas for books and have made a few notes on them and since is over for my kids, I can devote myself to writing full-time…well, as full-time as I can while still spending time with my kids.  🙂  I’ll try to do better about updating my blog.  I hope that you all will bear with me.  I’m hoping with Summer, I’ll be able to update way more often.


WHY IS IT SO HARD?! This is a slight vent.

I have a stack of ideas that I want to turn into short stories and books.  However, I can’t seem to get my ass in gear.  My concentration is absolutely not around and when I do finally get that sensation of NEEDING to write, life happens.  I get distracted by people needing me, me needing people, me having a sudden thought of doing something.  As my blog is called, my mind mess is extremely messy and not matter how much I try to write down what I’m doing, I end up still being a mess.  I’m in the process of getting all my notes into one notebook so I can easily find what I need.  Not sure how I’m going to do that.  I might have to go get one of those good notebooks that is separated into 5 subjects or something.  Not sure how that will work…  I hate being disorganized but I can’t seem to get myself organized.  I have way too many projects, not just writing, but personal as well.  Sometimes I wonder if I can get my personal life organized, then I can get my writing self organized.  But I don’t want to put my dream on hold anymore.  I have put it on hold in order to finish school, get married, raise kids, working, volunteering…  I just want everything to work out perfectly but I know that it won’t.  Even as I type this, I have a beautiful daughter who is talking my ear off and can’t seem to comprehend that I’m trying to work as I try to spend time with her.  So, think of me as you all work on your projects, as you write.  Send motivation, concentration, and inspiration my way, because I’m scared that my dream of being published will never happen.  Hell, I’m scared that my dream of getting a book done will never happen.

Break time

It’s been a crazy few weeks and now I seem to have caught a cold.  My concentration is nothing now, so I’m going to take a brief break to recover from whatever cold I have picked up.  Once I’m back on my feet, I’ll be back posting.  Thanks for your support in my blog and I hope that you will follow me on Twitter and on Facebook.  🙂

Kindness…where did it go?

Where did the kindness of the world go?  Why is it that being kind and nice to each other is so rare?  Why is it when we hear something bad on the news, we all seem to think “well, that’s how the world is now”?  Why is that when we hear about someone doing good for someone else we are shocked and amazed?

I was raised that you were kind to others, you treated others the way you want to be treated, and you took responsibility for your own actions.  Nowadays, people seem to think that its the norm to blame others, to treat other people like shit.  That shouldn’t be the case.

So, what happened?  Seriously?  How did we come to this?


I finally have found my motivation.  I have a project that I’m seriously focusing on.  I have a lot of projects that I have started or kind of just made notes on, but this new project I have started is something I think that can really go the distance.  I’ll keep you all updated on my progress!

Finding the time…

So, this is a blog to complain about not having time to write.  It’s also a way to ask others, how do you find the time to write?

I am always trying to find time to write, however, my creative mess in my head doesn’t always go on a schedule.  Not to mention the fact that I do still have a life and a family who needs me.  So what do some of you do in order to not lose your creativity or lose an idea or anything when it comes your writing?

Bare (bear) with me?

First of all, which one of those is actually correct…  I have never written it and for some reason I don’t ever remember reading it.  I just know I have heard it.

But the main reason for this blog is to ask you to be patient with me.  Though this has been a very long dream of mine, I just recently got very serious about it.  But I am having a hard time seperating my “writing life” from my personal life and well, I am extremely disorganized as of now.  So, while I attempt to organize myself just a little so that things make sense, I will not be updating too much.  But, I will be writing (on paper) each day in order to keep myself going.  🙂

Thanks for the patience and I hope that when I come back, I promise my mind will still be a mess, but I’ll be able to communicate it a bit better.

Where it all began…

You know, as kids, we always changed our minds on what we wanted to be when we grew up.  I changed my mind a few times.  First I was going to be a nurse, helping people out.  But then I found out that to be a nurse, one should probably not puke everytime there was bodily fluids visible.  Then I wanted to be a police woman but the news scared me and seeing anything about an officer getting hurt just made me say no way even more.  And I’m sure there were a few other career choices in there that I nixed for one reason or another.  But then, I KNEW exactly what I wanted to do!  I was going to be a famous actress!  I wasn’t sure how I would go about it, but that was my ultimate goal.  I made this choice when I was 8 years old.  I would prance around my room acting like I was an actress and I was acting out my roles.  I had all these little scenarios running through my head.  I wish I had written some of them down at the time.  I bet they would have made some AWESOME stories.  LOL

Now, I still held onto the notion that I was going to be an actress, but I also realized (when I was 11 years old) that I had a knack for making up stories in my head.  Turning little everyday situations I experienced into something that could be filled with drama, with a ton back stories.  And so I began to write them down.  And I knew, that I could also be an author.  I’d be an actress who wrote and could probably write her own scripts for her own movies!  But alas, I found out that I had a MASSIVE case of stage fright.  I tried out for a High School play and ended up not being heard over the rattle of the paper I was supposed to be reading off of because I was shaking so bad.

But my love of writing never waivered.   My love of reading is still as strong today as it was when I was 7 and would go into the library with 2 big bags and come out with them full of books.  And even though I struggle to find time to write as often as I would like (but for the very best reasons), I still find time to write even for a few minutes a day.

So, here’s hoping that the dream I began at the age of eleven comes true in the next few years ahead.