Bare (bear) with me?

First of all, which one of those is actually correct…  I have never written it and for some reason I don’t ever remember reading it.  I just know I have heard it.

But the main reason for this blog is to ask you to be patient with me.  Though this has been a very long dream of mine, I just recently got very serious about it.  But I am having a hard time seperating my “writing life” from my personal life and well, I am extremely disorganized as of now.  So, while I attempt to organize myself just a little so that things make sense, I will not be updating too much.  But, I will be writing (on paper) each day in order to keep myself going.  🙂

Thanks for the patience and I hope that when I come back, I promise my mind will still be a mess, but I’ll be able to communicate it a bit better.


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