It’s New Year with new resolutions!

Or is it?  Do people even make those anymore?  And if they do, do they actually keep it?

I am a person who USED TO make New Years resolutions.  And they were always the same.  Get more organized, lose weight, eat healthier.  But this year I decided that the only resolution I am going to make is the one that I try to do all the time without making a proclamation about it.

I “resolve” to be a better person to myself and to those around me.  It’s a rule I live by on a daily basis.  I can’t change people around me but I can change how I act towards them and to situations that have been thrown at me.  Therefore, I ask this of my readers.  Make this a “resolution” for your daily life.  Be a better person to yourself.  Be a better person to those around you.  Don’t let a negative situation bring you down.  Find the silver lining in it if possible.  Take a page out of a childs book and see the innocence of the world.  Hard to do, I know, but sometimes, trying to find it is an adventure all in itself.  🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful 2015 and find as much happiness as possible.


2 thoughts on “It’s New Year with new resolutions!

  1. Interesting, as looking at your blog quickly, I thought it said ‘Mindfulness’ which I’m planning to blog about next week. As my mind is also a ‘mess’ that I’m looking to clear out the ‘junk’ this year. I simply must! It’s by doing, that I will be focused on what I have to do. Anyway, good luck with the writing!

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