What the hell?

What is going on with the world today?  Sound like a song?  Nope.  It’s me, asking what the hell is going on?!  Why is there so much hate, so much death, so much unpleasantness?  Everywhere I turn I’m reading or hearing or watching something horrible.  Bombings, spouses killing each other, shootings of all ages…  It’s just not right.

I’m not a naive person and thinks that all things should be sunshine and roses, but I do believe in being a good person.  I believe in helping others when they need help.  I believe that you give the person the benefit of the doubt until they scew you over once.  Then they are done.  I try to teach my kids that, too. But I fear for them and what kind of world they are growing up in.  What happened to the days of my childhood?  The days where you could run around the neighborhoods or ride your bike all over with no fear of someone snatching you away just to hurt you?

I don’t know exactly when the world got so scary, but I hope that it changes soon.  Before our kids’ kids can’t even leave the house in fear of what the world holds.


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